Community Minister praises Mirrors and urges more people to get involved

6 September 2015
This article has been obtained from the Royal Gazette.

2015-09-06 14_09_55-Community Minister praises Mirrors and urges more people to get involved _ The RSeptember 3, 2014

Community, Culture and Sports Minister Wayne Scott praised the hard work of the Mirrors Programme and urged more members of the community to get involved.

Speaking at an open house for the programme, Mr Scott said that since its launch in 2007 Mirrors has worked with more than 2,000 adults and almost 750 young people.

“The programme has provided each individual the opportunity to transform their lives and live beyond their limitations,” he said. “Participants have been encouraged and supported in accomplishing their goals.

“The Mirrors programme is committed to strengthening our youth while transforming our community one person at a time.

“The organisation knows that in order to achieve its mission of unlocking the potential of the youth of Bermuda, adults from the community must play a key role.”

He thanked those who have supported the programme, including the Island’s schools, the various organisations who have donated goods and services over the years, and the army of volunteers who have come forward to assist.

“Mirrors’ volunteers take on a new way of thinking to support our youth, and like the youth, receive coaching to support them in realising their personal aspirations,” he said. “Our volunteers’ time and effort are invaluable to the organisation and we would be unable to produce the kind of results that we have without them.”

He urged others to step forward to support the programme by volunteering, and encouraging colleagues, friends and families to work with the Island’s youth to help unlock their potential.