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Our programmes require a diverse group of people for the following roles:

Enrolment Team

The job of the Youth Enrolment Team volunteer is to support the youth enrolment process which includes delivering orientations, helping youth to complete paperwork and medicals, completing interviews and maintaining weekly communication with the young people to keep them focused on the goals they want to achieve.  The enrolment process lasts approximately two months.  2.5 days of training required.

Onsite Team

The job of the Onsite Team volunteer is to create a community environment during the intensive residential.  The residential volunteer will be expected t be onsite for the nine-day residential intervention. 2 days of training required.

Committed Partner Team

The job of the Committed Partner (CP) volunteer is to act as life coaches for the young people during the nine-month Follow Through phase. They are expected to maintain contact with their youth three times per week, twice via e-mail or telephone and once in person, coaching young people’s actions on behalf of achieving their goals.  Coaches and youth are expected to attend a group session once per month. Additionally, CPs are required to attend the residential component on days five and six.  2.5 days of training required.

Team Leaders

A team leader will serve as a volunteer to support the middle school camp. Team Leaders are energetic and love to develop children. Team Leaders are required to attend 2 days of training the weekend before the camp.

Production Support Team

The Production Support (PS) Team volunteer supports the logistics at the various programming events including community events.  PS volunteers can select events from the Mirrors calendar and register their support by contacting the Mirrors office and signing up for a particular event.


If you are unable to support in the areas listed above there are other ways to support Mirrors Programme by volunteering for Tag Days, providing administrative support and/or working on special projects to name a few. 

To learn more please contact Vernelda Perinchief on 294-9291.