Mirrors works to find better ways for adults to relate to youths

6 September 2015
This article has been obtained from the Royal Gazette.

2015-09-06 13_52_46-Mirrors works to find better ways for adults to relate to youths _ The Royal GazSeptember 5, 2013

Mirrors has launched its breakthrough campaign designed to train adults how to find common ground with younger people.

Mirrors currently offers programmes for personal development for Bermuda’s young adults from 15 to 24 years old, aimed at improving self-esteem, attitudes, life skills and accountability.

The new campaign has been launched despite a three percent decrease in Government funding this year to $1.2 million.

Mirrors coordinator Kimberley Jackson said programmes have increased this year through community financial support and volunteers.

The campaign will include four community training sessions next year for adults who work with youth in any way, including coaches, educators and parents.

Anyone who commits to six to ten hours of volunteering will receive three days of ‘MVP training’ to help advance their qualifications in administrative, enrolment, logistical and production support.

Through Mirrors’ sister organisation, Youth At Risk, transformation coaching certification courses will be available through a partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

Staff members are currently being trained by Uncommon Results to further their certifications.

At the nine-month follow-through phase of the programme Bermudian youth involved have increased their self-esteem by 23 percent, and 99 percent of those taking part felt they benefited personally from Mirrors.

The social level of performance results showed 81 percent of youth attained a their full high school education, while 49 percent went on to pursue postsecondary education.

“We’ve been focusing on the youth, they are our main focus,” Ms Jackson said.

“The youth are saying that as they transform themselves in the community the adults they work with have different views and aren’t seeing what they see. It is creating challenges with their wanting to push forward.”

Ms Jackson said the 19 to 24-year-old residential phase has been cut, while the 15 to 18-year-old residential will be at Grotto Bay in November. Enrolment is open for a total of 45 young people.

Mirrors is asking for donations to help with the costs and bring back the 19 to 24-year-old residential.

Ms Jackson sees Mirrors focusing a “great portion of our work” into prevention in the future.

“I see Mirrors looking to work towards total sustainability, with support from revenue generating activities from business and coaching certifications.

“This will help close the gap for young people moving into problem behaviours.”

She confirmed Mirrors meets regularly with alumni and partners of New Beginnings Education to ensure youth in financial need can earn scholarships to achieve their goals.

Mirrors plans to reach their fundraising goal of $600,000. Half is to provide education, while the remaining is to support programming for 2014.

To donate or volunteer, contact Mirrors at 294-9291, e-mail mirrors@gov.bm or visitwww.mirrors.bm.