Mirrors leader will go outside her comfort zone in half-marathon

6 September 2015
This article has been obtained from the Royal Gazette.

2015-09-06 14_01_21-Mirrors leader will go outside her comfort zone in half-marathon _ The Royal GazFebruary 7, 2014

Mirrors Programme coordinator Kimberley Jackson is going the distance on May 24: just over 13 miles, for the Bermuda Day Half-Marathon, in a bid to raise $600,000 for the Island’s youth.

The personal development programme’s initiatives range from working with young students to safeguarding at-risk youth.

“People have been asking me why I’m doing the 24 of May,” Ms Jackson said. “We ask young people all the time in our programme to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones — as part of the transformation process, it’s a requirement.”

She told Mirrors programmes graduates: “Guess what? I’m experiencing the same things you experienced when we put you through Mirrors.”

The goal of the Take a Stand for Youth Campaign is to get more than 5,000 people to make a pledge of $120 each.

Ms Jackson added: “This is not just about the Mirrors Programme — it’s taking a stand for every young person in Bermuda.”

Junior Minister for Community, Culture and Sports Alexis Swan explained that half of the funds raised will go toward school based educational programmes or after school activities, while the rest will fund Mirrors programming.

Mirrors has been curtailed in recent years by budget cuts, and the success of the Take a Stand campaign will help this November’s co-ed residential programme for 15- to 18-year-olds.

Mirrors also seeks to bring back its residential for 18- to 24-year-old males.

Senator Swan called on the community to support Ms Jackson by participating in the half-marathon derby or organising a relay team to run.

“This is an opportunity for all facets of the community to unite and show our youth that they are important and valued,” she said. “You do not have to run to make a pledge.

“We want to demonstrate our actions by raising the funds for youth programming and having a broad presence demonstrating the message that the youth matter.”