Core Values

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Our operations are guided by our core values which will serve as the basis for how we execute our vision and mission:


Commitment, Responsibility, Integrity, Self Expression and Possibility

Commitment:  We believe in one’s ability to produce results regardless of life’s situations or circumstances.

Mirrors is committed to best practices for human development.
Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality…Shearson Lehman.

Responsibility:  We believe that when we chose to be responsible for our lives we gain the power to be accountable and answerable to ourselves, realize our goals and contribute to our communities.  Being responsible, honouring promises, and dealing with mistakes are fundamental to the success of our change programmes.

Integrity:  We believe that by giving and living as our word, individuals have the power to generate a life of action, opening unlimited access to one’s own potential and resources.

Self Expression: We believe that asserting a purpose for oneself, defining and charting goals and aspirations in life increases the commitment and investment in ones self-esteem, developing healthy relationships and participating in a supportive community.

Possibility:  We believe that individuals take action consistent with what they see is possible.  Participants unlock their potential by envisioning new possibilities.