Mirrors graduates are honoured

6 September 2015
This article has been obtained from the Royal Gazette.

2015-09-06 13_57_05-Mirrors graduates are honoured _ The Royal Gazette_Bermuda NewsSeptember 9, 2013

A group of young people were honoured this weekend as they graduated the Mirrors Programme’s six-day Residential Intensive course.

In a ceremony at the Grotto Bay Hotel on Saturday, the 16 graduates were praised for their progress and urged to continue on their current path.

OBA Senator Alexis Swan noted that the cohort was the first to come together and organise a fundraising event for charity.

The event, a bowling tournament, raised more than $6,000 to be shared by the Feed My Lambs Ministry and the New Beginnings Education Trust.

In a speech, Ms Swan told the graduates: “As you conclude this chapter of your involvement with Mirrors Programme, remember this: Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day is the world made new. Today is a new day. Today is your world made new. You have lived all your life up to this moment, to come to this day.

“This moment — this day — is as good as any moment in all eternity. Make of this day-each moment of this day-a heaven on earth. This is your day of opportunity, Tomorrow is your day of Opportunity, Everyday is your day of opportunity.”

She also encouraged the community to support the Mirrors Programme with their time by volunteering.

“What each of us does or doesn’t do certainly has an impact on our community,” she said. “The young people that we are recognising here tonight have taken steps to be the change they wanted to see within themselves.

“This is your opportunity to follow their example and take action to see the changes that you want to see in Bermuda. What will you commit yourselves to be all used up for?”

One of the programme’s latest graduates, Davina Jones, said Mirrors helped her overcome her past and move forward.

“When my mother died four years ago people told me to remember that God will never take something or someone away from you without the intention of replacing them with someone or something better,” she said. “For a long time, dealing with my mother’s death was a challenge for me. What could be worse than losing your best friend and the person you love the most and who loves you the most?

“I am still challenged in some aspects with regards to my mother’s death. However, through participation in the six-day course I discovered that I no longer have to blame myself for what happened to my mother.

“I also no longer have to allow how I feel about what happened to my mother stand in the way of having the things I want in life — healthy fulfilling relationships with people, belief in myself and happiness.”

She told the audience that before going through the programme, she thought she couldn’t stop being angry and couldn’t trust other people.

“During the course of this programme I discovered that I no longer have to be angry about the things that have happened and that when I get angry I can manage it better,” she said. “I have also learned that I have the capacity to trust people.

“Participating in and completing the Mirrors Programme has helped me tremendously. Through my participation with the organisation I now have a real life experience that I can give my word and keep it. I now know that I can be committed and be in action to have my life be the way I say that I want it to be regardless of the circumstances or situations that arise. This will support me in accomplishing my future goals.”